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Freshly Pressed

Articles, Interviews & News from the universe of Comix!

Comic book review - The Berg
A tale of a shape shifting fatberg, a sharp social satire written smartly, drawn and lettered expertly and laced with snazzy, sharp dialogue, The Berg is a brilliant entry in the horror creature feature genre.
Comic book review - Stagnant waters
Stagnant waters - Neogenesis Part 1: A Matter of Fate, is the first issue of an epic science fiction tale that’s mounted on a grand scale. With competent writing, highly skilled art work and lettering, this book introduces the story and piqued my interest in a lot of characters and possible story arcs.
Comic book review - A thing called truth
A thing about truth is the story of self-realisation of two very different women through the course of a road trip across Europe. It is full of lovely banter between its charming leads, innovative in its art style and I couldn’t just put it down till I was finished cover to cover. This rom-com comic is a must-have on your bookshelf.
Comic book review - Bro-D Can't be broken
Bro-D Can’t be broken is a book about hope, kindness and love wrapped in an action packed graphic novella. Written, Illustrated, lettered and coloured by the very talented Ben Humeniuk, the book moves at a relentless pace, is full of quips, fun and an absolute breeze to read!
Comic book review - Mythfall
Put together by a really talented group of comic creators, Mythfall is a sci-fi and fantasy comic book about a disabled bureaucrat from a backwater embassy, who faces off against a 5000 year old foe from ancient age of magic. It’s a great setup with some awesome plot threads that will keep us hooked for more!
Comic Review : Prospects Issues 1-3
Prospects is a tale of dichotomies. A loser with a rich family history, an over-performer with a family desperate to change theirs in a town overshadowed by rivalry of two brilliant scientists, their factions and a masked vigilante. With some great world building and smart exposition, the introductory arc of Prospects is funny, smart, mysterious, deftly drawn & lettered.
Comic book review - Art of War
Ironically titled Art of War, is an exciting fast paced American Manga. It blends a lot of concepts of sci-fi, fantasy, manga and even American storytelling.  The core concept is really interesting, and has great potential for both the story and action. I am hooked and I am sure you will have a lot of fun reading this action filled ride!
Comic book review - Raze Issues 1-5
Indie creators Samuel Willis and Tremayne Primm visit an age-old genre of a Zombie apocalypse in this gory tale of survival involving a band of misfits and some unique settings.