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AMELIA SKY #1-4 is an ongoing sci-fi horror series about survival, self-discovery, and corporate corruption.
The amnesiac Amelia Sky wakes up in a post-apocalyptic, alien-invaded Earth with unexplained abilities—only to face the deadliest threat the world has ever seen: the Shriekers! 
But Amelia has the power to save humanity from extinction.
And she’s not alone.
Amelia Sky Campaign
Where to get it : Kickstarter campaign
Currently Funding issue #4 on Kickstarter, Amerlia sky is an ongoing Series about an amnesiac girl with the power to stop an alien threat! We interviewed the truly talented team behind the ambitious project -  Jermaine M. Boyd, the writer and Martina Niosi, the artist. You can find reviews for issues #1 to #3 here.

Jermaine M Boyd - Writer and Creator of Amelia Sky
Writer & Co-Creator | Jermaine M. Boyd (he/him) Inspired by science fiction authors H.G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, and Arthur C. Clark, Jermaine M. Boyd's love of storytelling gave way to a great love for writing. This passion led him to pursue a career in Film/TV by attending Columbia College and the Academy of Art University. This pursuit led him to work on such films as Captain Marvel, Passengers, Half Baked 2, Crater, and more. Find him via imdb.com.
Martina Niosi - Talented artist behind the art
Artist, Letterer & Co-Creator | Martina Niosi (she/her) grew up drawing, influenced by comics, animated films and video games. She studied sequential art at the International School of Comics in Rome. She works as a comic book colorist at Shockdom, and has forthcoming work with Mad Cave Studios. Find her work via artstation.com/martinaniosi.

Editor Issues #2-4 & Kickstarter Consultant | Brittany Matter (she/her) is a comics editor and writer who contributes to Marvel.com and Second Rocket Creative Services. Her published comics as an editor include Super Best Friend, Hellbent, Miranda in the Maelstrom, and The Intrepids. Find her via linktr.ee.

Narrative Consultant & Co-Video Editor | Steffanie N. Graves (she/her) is an American actress and writer, inspired to be a storyteller since childhood. She currently works both behind the scenes and in front of the camera on productions such as Twisted Metal, Carry-On, Crater, Half Baked 2, and more. Find her via imdb.com.

The Interview

Q: A Brief background about yourself and how you got into comics?

Martina: I’ve had a passion for drawing since childhood, and it was fueled by my grandmother’s newsstand where comics were sold. This interest led me to pursue art through my studies, attending an art high school and later graduating from the International School of Comics in Rome.

Jermaine: I’ve loved comic books since I was a child. When I grew up I went to school for film and my passion has always been script writing. Making comics is an actual course. I was astonished and I loved it. I thought it would be an invaluable skill on my journey to become a writer.

Q: What are your favourite comic book characters, Indie and/or mainstream?

For a while, I delved into manga, and one character that left a lasting impression on me was Tetsuo from Akira. Now I mostly enjoy graphic novels and short series. There are a couple I particularly loved and they are Debbie Decay and Led Dent from Tokyo Ghost, by Rick Remender and Sean Murphy.

Jermaine: I’m a huge fan of Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, and Rick Grimes of the Walking Dead series. 

Q: What kind of characters excite you in comics?

Martina: I love characters that have significant transformations and are not totally good or bad, reflecting the complexities of human nature.

Jermaine: I’m a huge fan of the anti-hero. They have always fascinated me. I love the idea of having someone ordinary. Someone imperfect having to rise above themselves for something greater. 

Q: What kind of stories should your audience expect from you?

Martina: Currently I’m drawing horror and sci-fi stories but I also have a keen interest in exploring fantasy and biographical narratives in the future.

Jermaine: I like to be thought-provoking. I like to write about the underdog taking on something impossible.  I’m a huge lover of sci-fi and horror. And not just any horror. I love psychological horror.  My readers should expect to read something mind-bending. 

Q: What’s the last comic book you read?

Martina: I’m reading Berserk, so the last comic I read was from that series.

Jermaine: Hmmm. I would have to say that was Oblivion Song by Robert Kirkman.

Inner Pages

Q: Can you describe your latest project without spoilers?

Martina: My latest project revolves around elements of horror and sci-fi, featuring aliens, splatter, and courageous characters, creating a creepy atmosphere.

Jermaine: A little girl wakes up in a world brought to its knees by an alien invasion. She soon realizes she has the power to save it. 

Q: How did you develop the concept behind your latest project?

Martina: Starting with the script provided by the screenwriter, I drew inspiration from my favorite characters in various media forms like TV series, movies, and video games. Additionally, I drew from personal experiences and places visited to infuse authenticity into the narrative.

Jermaine: I love superhero tales and I’m a fan of horror. I wanted to bring those two together in an interesting way.  When I first read The Walking Dead I thought what if a superhero existed in this world?

Q: Who else other than you collaborated on the project?

Martina: I collaborate with Jermaine M. Boyd, the writer and creator, and with our exceptional editor, Brittany Matter.

Jermaine: Martina Niosi, is an amazing upcoming artist from Italy. And Brittany Matter, a brilliant editor and storyteller.

Q: How was your experience collaborating with the rest of the team?

Working with Jermaine is fantastic. We share a love for horror and sci-fi that inspire us when we work on the project. He is also a great coworker and I really enjoy drawing his story. He let me express myself at best. Brittany instead is a fantastic editor, she directs us on the right methods and with her suggestions I’m improving my skills a lot. Working with them is definitely making me a better artist.

Jermaine: We all live in different time zones. Despite our distance, we still find time to talk to each other not just about ideas about life. This team we’re not just co-workers, we’re friends.  

Q: What's your next project, any ideas you're working with?

Martina: I’m working on another series, which I can’t talk about yet but it will be shown soon. Additionally, I wish to continue working on previous projects, including a dystopian graphic novel.

Jermaine: Currently working on two other projects. One is a spin-off of Amelia Sky called “The Remains”. And the other is a sci-fi parallel universe story called “Multi-D”.

Q: Where can people buy your books?

Martina: Currently, people can support my work with Amelia Sky on Kickstarter. Updates on upcoming releases will be shared on my social media channels.

Jermaine: We are working on that. We did have a website but it’s currently under construction. Right now you can always reach out to us via our Facebook page for copies. 

Q: Any words for fellow creators?

Martina: Follow your passion and enjoy the process of creation. When you’re passionate about your work, it resonates with others. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with the world.

Jermaine: Think differently and as much as possible.  It’s the ones who are different that change the world.

Before you go ..

You can find the campaign for the Issue #4 of Amelia Sky on Kickstarter and back it if you can, spread the word and help bring this project to life! We will update this post with a link to the review of Amelia Sky issues 1-3 soon!.

Amelia Sky Issue #4