feature Comic book review - Gatorman Kills

Set deep in the swamps of Florida, a slasher horror graphic novel that makes a perfect use of black-and-white and the grays to create an atmospheric graphic novel where terror and mayhem rule.
Story: Scott Beecher and Nick Edwards
Writer: Nick Edwards
Art: Scott Beecher

Age Rating:
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A plane carrying convicts crashes deep in the swamps of Florida. The survivors of the plane crash,  have a huge task in front of them - surviving the swamp, gators and each other. Just when they think they have a place for the night to rest, they're hunted down by a mythic creature, a serial killer or an urban legend that brutally kills it's victims, famously known as The Gatorman. Will they survive ?

Gatorman Kills Panel

Story & Characters

The story begins with a flight carrying the convicts crash landing in a swamp just before Fort Myers, Florida. The survivors are a nefarious, impatient group trying to make their way through the swamp. Cyrus and Lenny seem like hardened criminals with absolutely no regards for law and human life. Lloyd and Sara are much more layered characters. Gatorman himself is a terrifying and really impactful. It has some classic quality to it, kinda like Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. Being a stone cold slasher, always lurking in the shadows, makes him absolutely all the more menacing. Nick Edwards writing is deft and keeps the story moving at a brisk pace. It also keeps, the suspense, drama and tension up throughout the book, keeping at the edge of your seats.

Gartorman Kills Panel
thrill ride full of evil, tension, murder and mayhem that will have you at the edge of your seats

Art & Inspiration

The art is gorgeous and makes a fabulous use of black-and-white's and the grays. It's plays a lot with the shadows to create an atmosphere of suspense and creepiness. It pulpy and has a decidedly nightmarish quality to it. Character design of Gatorman is really creative and adds to that air of mystery and mayhem.  The creators of the book call it Con-Air meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the book delivers true on that promise in terms of it's inspirations. Despite the black-and-white, the violence feels really brutal and is done very tastefully. Lettering is top notch with the switch between narration and dialogue done very effectively. I absolutely love how humans are drawn in this comic, their faces and body language are so expressive and reflect their respective characters really well!

Final Verdict

If you're a fan of the Slasher genre and like characters  in the shades of gray literally and figuratively, Gatorman Kills is the comic for you.  The artwork is atmospheric and adds to the the horror and suspense of the situation. We hope you enjoy reading Gatorman kills. Do not miss this thrill ride full of evil, tension, murder and mayhem that will have you at the edge of your seats!

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