feature Comic book review - Mythfall

Put together by a really talented group of comic creators, Mythfall is a sci-fi and fantasy comic book about a disabled bureaucrat from a backwater embassy, who faces off against a 5000 year old foe from ancient age of magic. It’s a great setup with some awesome plot threads that will keep us hooked for more!
Script: Cici Affini
Illustration: Allie Preswick
Colours: Eren Angiolini
Letterer: Haley Rose-Lyon
Editor: Barbara Perez Marquez
Additional Contributors: Mark Romero, Sara Thompson, Laurie Tan, K Lynn Smith, Desarea Guyton.
Age Rating: 15+
Where to get it: Pre-Launch Page for the Campaign here

Malkan Terasmus and Naeva
The year is 2150.

Alien diplomat Malkan Terasmus is responsible for keeping the peace on his world, but after the princess went missing, his bosses pulled his funding and hung him out to dry. Malkan’s not about to give up on his planet, but unrest is growing and the force behind it is older—and more magical—than he expected.

Story & Characters
The story revolves around Secretary Malkan Terasmus, a disabled diplomat who is trying to do the right thing and keeping peace on the planet Tyrn where war seems like an inevitability. He travels to the planet Seln accompanying Prince Kavan, who is playful and brash but also down to earth.

Since this is the first issue, it is all about setting up the back story and introduction to the world in which it is set. The central character of Secretary Terasmus is quite effective. You empathise with his situation, and how his disability is seen as an imperfection in an otherwise perfect paradise of a world. He is the kind of character who is proud, upright, smart and dedicated 100% to his job as a diplomat. Prince Kavan’s character is a fun one and feels like it will bring a bit of levity to the proceedings. The other side characters of Bryana, Salvin look really interesting as well. I will look forward to seeing more of them and where they go in the future. The story opens some plot threads that will definitely make the reading of future issues very interesting.

I really loved how the shadow of Vestian and Naeva loomed large over the world even 5000 years after the events transpired. The world looked up to them as the saviours of the world and rightly so.

Art & Inspiration
Mythfall preview page 1
The world of Mythfall is a great mix of fantasy and science fiction elements. The world building takes influence from the likes of Lord of the rings, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and is a smorgasbord of lovely pop-culture references. From world ending events to teleportation through wormholes, it packs a lot.

The colour palette shifts with the eras and mood of the book. The mood is sombre at the beginning and the colour palette reflects that really well. The world at beginning is definitely more mystical and fantasy like. The present times world is very science fiction like and feels less gloomy. I would credit both the colourist and the illustrator here as they have done a fantastic job.

I would also love to specially mention the shift in lettering based on the era as well, which another layer of visual flair to the comic.

I believe the writer and letterer worked together to use the protagonists' thoughts to convey smart exposition. It kept the story moving visually while dodging dialogue heavy exposition and also conveying what the characters felt at the time.
Mythfall Preview Page 8
Final Verdict
Mythfall is a great first issue, that introduces a very interesting world steeped in it's past, but looking to the future and bathing in the shadow of an ancient mythology. The characters are deep and three dimensional. The art is beautiful and the world’s immersive. There are plot elements here that would make the future issues an even more interesting read. I would recommend checking Mythfall out!
Mythfall issue 1 cover