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An incredibly fun and outrageous take on the fantasy genre, Overpowered #1 is a YA tale of Dungeons and Dragons stylised misadventures that looks and feels like it belongs in the Adventure Time universe. 
Overpowered Issue 1 cover
Writing: Dan Tappan
Editing: Brittany Matter
Art: Matias De Vincenzo
Colourist: Lesley Atlansky
Letter: Reed Hinckley-Barnes
Age Rating: All ages
Where to get it: Kickstarter Campaign

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Written by Dan Tappan, art by Matias and lettering by Reed, Overpowered introduces us to a gang of wannabe adventurers including the main red-haired sword-wielding protagonist, Mae, her purple-haired friend, Casey, and Casey’s dog, Lou. When they’re charged by the king to take care of the elder dragon in a nearby cave we naturally assume it’s time for Mae to slay the dragon in an epic confrontation of fantastic glory, right? Wrong.

Instead of going with the non-confrontational option, Mae gives the elder dragon an eviction notice from the mines because the kingdom decrees it and leaves to return home.

Unfortunately, Mae’s mouth ends up getting her into trouble when a parade is held in their honour and the King orders Mae, Casey and Lou to take on another dragon. A dragon with self-loathing, body issues and who is desperate for a friend. Let’s just say what happens next is a result of Mae’s own selfishness as she learns that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

Overpowered is endlessly entertaining. 

After putting together a horror-charged sea themed anthology, A Lungful of Brine, it was anyone’s guess where Dan Tappan was headed next in his comic book journey. But, Overpowered takes us down a long and winding road of fantasy adventures that not only teach a well-rounded lesson but are also perfect for ALL AGES. Tappan is exercising his own imagination by tapping into the childlike wonder of a grade schooler who may have overheard his older brother playing Dungeons and Dragons. His writing is thoughtful, brave and valourous.
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Matias’s style is well paired with Tappan’s script. While it immediately looks like Pendleton Ward’s animation, Matias’s style evokes a story-time, fairy-tale, punk aesthetic which borrows from a range of styles. Most notable of which is manga, from the inflated heads when Mae is enraged or cranky to the epic dragon fire ball elbow drop move which you’ll have to read this comic book to believe. 

Whether you’re a young at heart adult that’s happened across this comic book or a middle grade student whose stolen their parent’s credit card to buy a copy (Seriously! Don’t steal, kids.), Overpowered is endlessly entertaining. It fits well within the fantasy/comedic genres. Even if all “fitting in those genres” means its crafted its own little corner of awesome. Its a corner of awesome you’ll want to dive into, hang out in, read again and again, and always live for!  

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