feature Comic book review - Tights Issue 3

In Tights Issue #3 Chris Waigand carries forward the story at the same relentless pace that set it up with in the first issues. He also introduces new characters and plot lines with a sure hand, which is a delight.
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Writing: Chris Waigand
Art: Kyle Petchock
Inker: Mathhew Seaborne
Letter: Reed Hinckley-Barnes
Age Rating: 18+
Where to get it: https://tightscomicbook.com/
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Judge Oliver Andrew falls deeper into the rabbit hole of problems he’s created as a consequence of killing a triad!

Story & Characters

Tights issue 3 starts by expanding the  character of the white lotus. The character is still mysterious but is setup well enough to be fleshed out in the future issues. We explore Shadowpacks, Lori, Judge Andrews and in further detail. The moral conflict grows within Judge Andrews as he creates more problems for himself via his actions. Issue 3 keeps moving the story forward at a brisk pace, with a lot of hooks for you to keep coming back for more. The characters are growing already as a part of this narrative arc and that growth is awesome to see. Shadowpack have so much personality even being behind the masks all the time they consistently cracked me up, throughout all the issues. There’s plenty of pop-culture references to go around this time as well. Tights has been about wearing their pop culture references on it's sleeve since the beginning.

Art & Inspiration
Just like the earlier issues, the art here is clean and inspired. Despite the fact that there’s no action in this book, the style of art still feels very fast paced. The city landscapes are done so richly, they feel real and lived in. It's awesome to see a world so grounded and realistic that it makes the whole concept look so much more plausible. Just like the earlier issues, the Shadownpack’s hangout feels grimy and realistic, something that a group with limited resources would have. The introductory pages of issue 3 need a special mention both with letterring and the art on those panels. They both make up for beautiful and effective exposition.

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Final Verdict
Tights issue 3 carries forward the story effectively, adds new characters with ease and adds more to the world that’s already quite rich. It’s a fun ride and makes me even more curious about the issues to come. The story keeps you hooked, having fun with it’s characters, while keeping us on our toes by going in directions that are not predictable!