feature Comic Review : Prospects Issues 1-3

Prospects is a tale of dichotomies. A loser with a rich family history, an over-performer with a family desperate to change theirs in a town overshadowed by rivalry of two brilliant scientists, their factions and a masked vigilante. With some great world building and smart exposition, the introductory arc of Prospects is funny, smart, mysterious, deftly drawn & lettered.
Writing: Max Majernik
Copy Editor: Jessica Majernik
Development Editor: Jeremy Bugay & Boomer Donahoe
Art / Letter / Colours: Jean Franco
Age Rating: 18+
Where to get it:  https://bandofbards.com/product/prospects-1-digital

The plot of Prospects revolves around 2 people an under performer and an over achiever, both bored of their respective existences. As shadow of an elusive masked vigilante and the two warring factions headed by two different scientists, they both get involved in the plot in their own ways.

Story & Characters:
Prospects preview page 1
The story opens with Colin trying to decide whether he wants chocolate milk or vodka, but ends up buying both of them and mixing them into a concoction called Brown Russiansmuch like how he can’t decide what he wants to do in his life. Colin’s characters becomes more loveable and nice as the story progresses. You would like to root for him when the time comes.

The other central character - Andrew Russell, is an over-achiever of sorts. He is talk of the town, yet his character’s situation is represented in a way that doesn’t make him one dimensional and cocky, like a lot of such characters usually are. Avoiding those cliche’s, Andrew’s character is well written and you actually empathise with his situation despite him being great at everything he does.
In Issues 1 and 2, the story introduces a host of characters, and is basically setting up plot elements that we see slowly materialising in Issue 3. In issue 3, despite the story being told from Andrew and Colin’s perspective, the two scientists play a huge part as they become more and more involved in their lives. We see the conflict of robots and zombies play out throughout issues 1 and 2, which escalates in issue 3 in a bigger and different way. People have chosen sides and made peace with it. It shows how people despite being divided by ideologies, are hopeful about the future and stand together at events like the appreciation day.

In issue 3 we see the much talked about the scientists and they don’t disappoint. Their characters are really smart and their banter is extremely funny but provide a great insight into their characters. The end of Issue 3 leaves you on a cliffhanger that makes you wanting for more.

Art & Inspiration:
Prospects Preview Page 2
The font and layout of the credits page reminded me of Powerpuff girls credits for some reason. Whether or not that’s intentional, I don’t know. The design of of the two scientists feels like the Eggman from Sonic the hedgehog has been split out into two different characters.

Cities, landscapes, rooms and settings look lived in, very grounded in reality. Readers will be able to ease into the world of Prospects while thinking something is really off about it. There’s quite a bit of gore in all the issues but it it’s still quite tasteful.

I must give a very special mention to the lettering in this book. It’s is plain genius and elevates the book to the next level! Robot speech, some panels where a character is ignoring another and explosions are just the work of a master.

Final Verdict:

I would highly highly recommend this book mainly for you to see how beautifully the world building, exposition is done. The world here is rich with a endless possibilities. However, the core conflict of ideologies, and the arc of our protagonists are really interesting and will keep you hooked for more.

Prospects issue 3 cover