article Creator Spotlight - Fell Hound

This month we feature a recently Ringo-nominated creator of Afterlife and Commander Rao, Fell Hound.
This month's spotlight is on Fell Hound, a creator who makes some really stylish action comics with Substance. Her stories feel very personal and fiery.
Fell hound
Q: A Brief background about yourself and how you got into comics?

Hello! I’m Fell, I’m a comics artist and writer probably best known for making the abs-rocket-boot-lady-comic known as Commander Rao. 

My journey into comics began when I realized, 10 years after the show originally aired, that there existed a comics continuation of the TV show Gargoyles. I LOVED Gargoyles, so I began hunting down these comics and in doing so, was exposed to the wonders of…other comics! I picked up Batwoman Elegy and fell in love with it. Completely blew my mind away as to what the medium could do. I had been a writer up until that point but the moment I put down Batwoman Elegy I told myself “I’m going to learn how to draw”. 

And here we are!  

Q: What are your favourite comic book characters, Indie and/or mainstream?

I love Batwoman. And Gargoyles, since I guess they’re also comics characters now! I also really love Captain Marvel, Wolverine/X-23/Laura Kinney, and lately been digging Supergirl comics (now if only DC would give her a solo title!!!). 

As for indies I am currently in love with every character from Cosmoknights and also Samson from Covenant (on webtoon).  

Q: What kind of characters excite you in comics?

Not to be on brand but I really love it when ladies have a sword. Or any other massive weapon. I think the two just go well together. I didn’t really read a lot of Supergirl comics until I saw they gave her a sword in Woman of Tomorrow, and now I am on the hunt for more Supergirl comics. So, you know, it works! 

Q: What kind of stories should your audience expect from you?

Despite the above, I have yet to draw a single sword lady comic. It’s something I am working to rectify. In the meantime, you may expect a continuation of Commander Rao, my super sad sci-fi war series! If you enjoy crying endless tears in between some really cool, cinematic fight scenes, Raoverse comics may be right for you. 

Jokes aside, I really love character-driven stories. I love stories that pull you into the character’s minds, their stakes, their lives, and completely immerse you into their feelings. I think being able to manipulate emotion in stories is HUGE, and that’s something I always try to work on. 

Q: What’s the last comic book you read?

*pulls out stack from bedside* Let’s see…I think the last book I read was Lost Souls from Eastin Deverna and Shawn Daley. A really lovely graphic novella about journeying through the afterlife and letting go of the past. 

And we love you - 3
Q: Can you describe your latest project without spoilers?

My latest comic, And We Love You, is a standalone prequel to Commander Rao and tells the story of a young soldier who perishes amidst a terrible war and bleeds out all her memories. Imagine 1917 x Life is Strange. It’s part coming of age, part war drama, and 200% about the sadness of watching your life fade away from you. All told in a neat little 64 page graphic novella.   

Q: How did you develop the concept behind your latest project?

The story started out as a 4 page comic called “The Girl with Technicolor Blood” I drew back in 2013. I wanted to make a comic that really pushed the boundary of the medium and make it a truly visual experience. Eventually I kept working on and redrawing the comic until it landed on what it is today: And We Love You. 

Q: Who else other than you collaborated on the project?

We have our incredible letterer Lucas Gattoni, who did absolute wonders on the book. Our MVP editor Frankee White. Logo designer supreme Winston Gambro. And finally our fantastic production manager Ricky Lima. 

Q: How was your experience collaborating with the rest of the team?

I feel fortunate to have had really great experiences with all of them, I can only hope they feel the same haha. But Lucas was absolutely delightful to work with, Frankee helped a LOT when I was overthinking every step of the book. And Ricky. There would be no book without Ricky because he put the whole print-ready project together. I owe him so many pizzas. 
And we love you - 4
Q: What's your next project, any ideas you're working with?

At the moment I’ve been working on a lot of side anthology work while developing more Raoverse comics. Everything takes a really long time to do, but hopefully, they will all see the light someday! 

Q: Where can people buy your books?

Commander Rao can be found in stores or on the Scout Comics website. You can also find all of my books (Commander Rao, And We Love You, and more!) on my webstore at
Q: Any words for fellow creators?

What’s your best chicken quesadilla recipe?