article Will Robson's Spooktacular picks on Comix

We requested the amazing Will Robson, Artist for Marvel, DC, Image and creator of the ONLY ongoing zombie anthology comic, OUTBREAKS! to come and pick his
top scary comics on our platform.
Halloween Spooktacular special

Hey, comic fans! 
Will Robson

Will Robson (twitter/x) here. Artist for Marvel, DC and Image plus writer / creator of the ONLY ongoing zombie anthology comic, OUTBREAKS!
Outbreaks cover
Since my Comic is a horror double-feature, I figured I’d share with you what I consider to be THE best horror double-feature you can read this Halloween right here at Comix!

I’ve chosen two great titles that go well back to back and are what I consider to be the top horror books available on this platform.

And here they are:

Grim reefer issue 1 cover

Beautiful colours, great art, easy to read storytelling and a fun combo of horror, crime and possession. Absurd? Yes! Original? Yes! Feels very in the vein of a fun segment in a CREEPSHOW film.

7 out of 10  

Unlimited Udo issue 1 cover
Great concept and great cartoony art! I was hooked from the beginning. Very original plot that was right up my alley. I left wishing this issue was twice as long to learn more about Udo and our main character but at the same time it flowed so well. I’m looking forward to seeing where the comic goes! If you like things like BLACK MIRROR like I do, then this might be one for you to check out!

8 out of 10 

Both these titles have great art, easy to read lettering and have that cartoony edge that I love about comics! I can’t wait for the future issues of each title which I’ll be reading right here on Comix!

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Happy Halloween horror fans!


Will Robson