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Cypher Team Alpha i01

In the heart of North Star City, on a day meant for registering Phenosapien powers, chaos erupts as the insidious xenith hate group, 'Protectors of Mankind,' launches an attack on those in line. From the shadows of a decade-long hiatus emerges Cypher Team, a force decommissioned but now compelled to defend the innocent. Jahcera, the indomitable Recoil, leads the charge alongside her S.E.Q.R Alpha Unit and the stealthy Kunoichi. Their mission: quell the riot, safeguard the vulnerable, and confront the menace threatening the city. As the remaining members of Cypher Team Alpha gear up for battle, the war against those who seek to harm the innocent takes center stage. Prepare for a tapestry of powers, justice, and redemption as Cypher Team rises from the ashes to reckon with the Protectors of Mankind, restoring order to the turbulent streets of North Star City.
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