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Incident Report Issue #1

Incident Report takes place in a world where super powers are a mundane part of life. People don’t have secret identities and vigilante night jobs. They become teachers or firemen. They work 9 to 5. Some fly to the office, but most take the subway.

Humans with enhanced abilities are called Chimerans. They are registered with the International Chimeran Administration, a global organization dedicated to helping Chimerans integrate into society. They work to minimize harm caused by dangerous or destructive abilities and provide support and training to super-powered kids and their families.

Ten years ago Anne walked away from the dangerous life as an ICA agent to start a family. Anne can shoot fire from her hands, but her true calling is helping kids like her get the support they need to grow up. When an old friend is mysteriously killed in the line of duty, Anne finds herself pulled towards the life she left behind. Along the way she encounters Vladimir Markov, a Russian ICA agent sent to investigate the murder.   
Attic Door Media
Attic Door Media
  • Sci-Fi
Age Rating 15+
Page Count 28
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