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Rapture Burgers Volume One: Deluxe Edition

The deluxe edition features:
  • A 65% large layout designed to show off the dynamic breakout panels.
  • Bonus 4-koma comics
  • Full color gallery of artwork by Pepper and assistants.

This is the way the world ends – not with a bang, but a dimwit.

Something strange is happening in Zone 006, the sleepy haven walled off from the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was left behind after an explosive, civilization-ending catastrophe.

Camille, a bumbling below-average high school student unwittingly stumbles into the beginnings of a dangerous adventure when a mysterious entity reveals the inescapable fate that will lead Camille to find his true, world-altering purpose in life — if he can make it through fourth period. 
Rapture Productions
Rapture Productions
  • Sci-Fi
  • Young Adult
  • Manga
  • Humour
  • Adventure
Age Rating 13+
Page Count 379
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