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Spider-Squirrel Issue #2

The flagship title of Xion Studios, everything begins here! Our Dysfunctional Duo™ of Spider-Squirrel & Trash Panda is a pair of heroes who also happen to be college dorm-mates, BFFs, and purveyors of fine pizza toppings. This buddy-cop, action-comedy, superhero adventure is a fun, funny, and sometimes ridiculous romp through comics as only Xion Studios can do. If you’re a fan of Blue Beetle & Booster Gold, or the “BWAHAHAHA” comics that have come before, or if you just like fun stuff, this comic is for you!
Xion Studios
Xion Studios
  • Sci-Fi
  • Adventure
  • Humour
  • Young Adult
  • Superhero
Age Rating 10+
Page Count 24
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