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TEMPLE High i02

As the Echelon Bout between Noemie and Damian reaches its crescendo, the authoritative figure of Dean Regina Reign intervenes, putting a halt to the unsanctioned clash. With the icy touch of Arctic Rose, she disperses the frozen spectacle, allowing the bustling life of Soaribahn Academy to resume. Meanwhile, in Class 9-A, the atmosphere shifts with the arrival of an extraordinary teacher, levels above the norm. Unyielding and efficient, she swiftly sets the tone, making it clear that she doesn't tolerate repetition. Damian, feeling the sting of her reprimand, is sent on an unexpected detour to the nurse's office. As the day unfolds, the students of Soaribahn delve into the secrets of the school, discovering more about their extraordinary peers and the challenges that lie ahead. Buckle up for a lesson in legacy as the students realize that Soaribahn Academy is more than just a school—it's a training ground for something beyond their wildest imaginations.
SoveReign Comics
SoveReign Comics
  • Sci-Fi
  • Adventure
  • Humour
  • Young Adult
  • Superhero
Age Rating 12+
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