Tyrone "Tyr" Jackson

Writer, Creator, Artist

Tyrone Jackson has been writing and drawing since he was a little boy in elementary school. He’s always had a vivid imagination and loved writing about horror and science fiction genre stories because of the books, and television shows that he watched growing up (Stephen King, even then, was his favorite author/creator.). In the first grade, Tyrone wrote his first horror story and began writing short stories from there. In middle school, he changed things up, writing his first script for another horror story. However, in High School, he changed in the genre a little, as he went on to a superhero type genre, but he remained true to his horror beginnings as he would add elements of the genre when needed. In High School, he realized that he wanted to use his writing and drawing skills to get into the field of animation, and he began creating his universe based around a group of heroic characters. Characters that he made himself. That was his first taste of in-depth universe building.

Tyrone went to college to major in art; however, he left school to join the military after 9/11. While in the military, he didn’t draw or write as much. However, his imagination stayed vivid. Eventually, he was inspired to start writing again and began writing his first story after years of being dormant. This story became multiple stories based on a character he created in the MMO, City of Heroes. That one character and her twin sister, unknown to him, became the foundation of what would later become SoveReign Comics.

In 2009, Tyrone decided to return to his dream of creating his universe and began to, heavily, create his comic book universe. A universe where he wanted to put inclusivity and unique storytelling with dynamic and diverse characters at the forefront. To help in his journey, Tyrone felt that it would be essential to go ahead and register his brainchild as a business, and in late 2011, SoveReign Comics was born as a full-fledged business entity. He then decided to go back to college, majoring in Media Arts and Animation. However, after completing two years, he understood that if he wanted to run a business legitimately, it would be wise to get his degree in business. So, he changed his major to Business Administration, with a concentration in Business Development, and once he earned his Bachelor's Degree, he went on to get his MBA in Marketing.