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Kraven Comics

We are dedicated to ensuring that the LGBTQ community receives the representation it rightfully deserves in the comic book industry. Our artists meticulously craft high-quality pages that center around LGBTQ experiences.

We've created a universe around six LGBTQ heroes, whose hands hold the fate of humanity. However, after facing generations of oppression, they begin to question: Is humanity worth saving?

Currently, you can read the original 10 episodes of Class6. However, this summer, they will be replaced with a new graphic novel featuring a new name for the group of heroes, a new logo, and new uniforms. The new version has rewritten 90% of the previously published 10 books, making the original version of Class6 a collector's item that won't be reprinted again. This is your last chance to experience the original version.

Additionally, we have two episodes of "Loas of Kraven," which is set within the same universe as Class6.

We've also had the honor of publishing work from other talented queer artists, including a queer children's picture book titled "Welcome" and a nonbinary anthology called "Nightshades." Both are available online and in print on our website at

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