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Ayanmo Stigmata i01

In the hallowed ranks of the Tuskegee Airmen, Octavius soared among the best, until an otherworldly encounter changed his destiny. In the heat of battle against mysterious 'Foo-Fighters,' Octavius, now known as Tuskegee, finds himself spirited away to an uncharted realm. Amidst the alien landscapes, he discovers both danger and sanctuary, forging a connection that alters the course of his life. Branded the sole Gaian in a galaxy of unknowns, Tuskegee faces a ruthless ultimatum: become the galaxy's premier bounty hunter or remain prey in perpetuity. Betrayed and double-crossed, he must navigate the cosmos, hunting the top 100 bounties, with every step bringing him closer to an elusive home. Embark on a cosmic odyssey where the lines between hunter and hunted blur, and Tuskegee's journey takes him beyond the horizons of the known universe.
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