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Cypher Team Alpha i02

In the chaos of the landing zone, Kunoichi's lethal precision ensures a brief respite, only to be shattered by the sudden emergence of Breather. As the Angels of Anarchy descend, the battlefield transforms into a maelstrom of conflict. Reignas stands as a bulwark against the onslaught, but a new player, Felyne, enters the fray, throwing the Djinn Hunters Pyreblade and Alchemy into a tumultuous duel. Madame Neutron finds herself entangled with Breather, and Kunoichi faces the ominous Grim. Amidst the turmoil, the enigmatic Tarot emerges, casting a dark shadow over the once-clear skies. Questions mount as Reignas and Madame Neutron spiral into uncertainty, grappling with the revelation that Tarot has succumbed to the forces they once fought against. Brace for impact as alliances shatter, and the reckoning of Anarchy casts a shadow over all.
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