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Grim Reefer #1 (of 4)

A Haunted Marijuana Horror/Comedy!
Marty, a down on his luck, Native American 20-something, is coerced by his scumbag second cousin Grant to be his wheelman for a "simple robbery." When things get violently out of hand and people start dying, Marty makes his escape. Left on his own, Grant has a bloody stand-off with the cops in an abandoned barn that ends with him being killed in a hail of gunfire. In the aftermath, an opportunistic associate of a drug dealer realizes this could be a good place to expand his weed growing operation. What he doesn't realize is that Grant's spirit is tied to the ground he died on and the marijuana grown there is infused with his spirit. When anyone smokes this "haunted hashish" they become possessed by Grant, who uses their body to try to exact murderous revenge on Marty and the cops that killed him!
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