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Home Free #3: Desert Green

"I can't pretend to know who I'll be or what I'll need, but to come back here must be out of desperation."Having separated from Emmy, Sara is now alone and after a stash of money that she buried in the desert a decade prior. It's dirty money that she was never supposed to actually dig up, but desperate times call for desperate actions. When she reaches her destination, she quickly finds that somebody has been watching her. Will Sara get out alive, or end up in the hole she's digging?Set against an America that has been on a slow burn towards unrest between two divided factions and a government that has failed the people, Sara finds herself searching for freedom not just from the coming downfall, but a past entwined with the very events that started the revolution.Sara has sheltered herself for years, choosing solitude in a chaotic world. As she throws herself back into the society she turned her back on, her willingness to trust again is put to the test. How far can she go with the search for personal freedom on her own?
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