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Jonly Nonly #2 - It's the Great Christmas Crossover, Jonly!

What should you do in your second issue of a new comic series? Do a cross over with characters form comics that wont release for a year, and some form comics that will never be release! Hey, no one ever said we did things the right way here. We just do it in some way that gets a book completed. This book is an epic Christmas crossover that has the Jonly characters interacting with Pot and Kettle from Inanimate and Sergeant Blinky and Lt. Awesome-Stance from Sergeant Blinky and his Brigade of Fantastic!

Jonly Nonly #2: It’s the Great Christmas Crossover, Jonly/a> is the second in the series, and the second in Chapter One – Every thing needs an intro, so why not this?

  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
Age Rating 18+
Page Count 24
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