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Loas of Kraven Episode 1

In this first episode, we meet the Loas and their kingdom. Ayira is a strong, intelligent, reserved, and hard-to-break woman with unique abilities whose existence is a mystery. Naya is a scientist unable to practice science, leading her to become an alcoholic. Keita is in charge of the military and the security of the kingdom. Oni is Ayira's last child. 
Ayira has been monitoring the activities of the colonists in the northern territories for some time now. Worried that they are getting too close to the kingdom, she is preparing to protect it. On the other hand, Oni has never interacted with another human besides her race, and she is curious about what could happen if the colonists and her race connected. Naya believes that it is time for their powerful kingdom to expand; if the colonists do it, they should as well. Ayira sees things differently because she has seen what humanity can do; for this, she vows to keep her race unknown to the rest of earth's civilizations.
In this first episode, we see the first encounter with the English colonists, and we get a preview of each of the principal characters. We also give you some details about the past of the Loas.
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Kraven Comics
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