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Comic book review - Incision
A mutated mercenary struggles with his identity in a world 20 years after an apocalyptic event called The Hijack. Will his metamorphosis get the better of him and turn him into someone else?

Comic book review - GodQuest : Milestone
Spanning across generations and spanning across genres,  GodQuest : Milestone follows Cole Morgan aka Milestone, the most powerful being in the universe and being a pawn in a dangerous game and making choices that have world changing effect on a world's timeline.
Comix News: Announcing Band of Bards + Library Pass
Comic book review - Gatorman Kills
Set deep in the swamps of Florida, a slasher horror graphic novel that makes a perfect use of black-and-white and the grays to create an atmospheric graphic novel where terror and mayhem rule.
Comic book review - Travkovi ( The Slav with no remourse )
Trakovi ( The Slav with no remorse ) is a dark, brutal and edgy comic that takes you on a wild, blood-soaked journey. With some crazy visuals and a slick story, this book is tightly edited and extremely fast-paced.
Comix News: Band of Bards Press Release & Media Info for May 2023
Band of Bards, the exciting indie comics publisher from the Rust Belt, announces its May solicitations in PREVIEWSworld. These titles will be at your LCS on July 26. All BoB comics arrive on the final NCBD of each month. Make Bardsday your special reason to go pick up your pull!
Comic book review - The Berg
A tale of a shape shifting fatberg, a sharp social satire written smartly, drawn and lettered expertly and laced with snazzy, sharp dialogue, The Berg is a brilliant entry in the horror creature feature genre.
Comic book review - Stagnant waters
Stagnant waters - Neogenesis Part 1: A Matter of Fate, is the first issue of an epic science fiction tale that’s mounted on a grand scale. With competent writing, highly skilled art work and lettering, this book introduces the story and piqued my interest in a lot of characters and possible story arcs.