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Campaign Spotlight - Jonathan Saunders
Written, Penciled, Inked and Coloured by Jonathan Saunders, a first nations creator from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, ZERO POINT: ORIGINS is an superhero origin story spanning across several genres, but originates from the creator's love for all things comics and manga. Their campaign for ZERO POINT: ORIGINS is currently live on Kickstarter.
Creator Spotlight - Lorry Jamison
In this edition of Creator spotlight, we talk with Lorry Jamison ( they/them ) a creator focused on writing fun queer characters on an adventure! Their current graphic novel "Party Animals" has already garnered rave reviews and we can't wait for their future works!
Comic book review - Amelia Sky Issues #1-#3
Taking a cue from great storytellers like Robert Kirkman, George A. Romero and John Krasinski (more on this later), Amelia Sky has the bones of a post-apocalyptic which reinforces the argument I’ve always maintained: post-apocalyptic storytelling is as much horror as it is science fiction. In this comic book, arguably more so.
Campaign Spotlight - Amelia Sky Issue #4
AMELIA SKY #1-4 is an ongoing sci-fi horror series about survival, self-discovery, and corporate corruption.
The amnesiac Amelia Sky wakes up in a post-apocalyptic, alien-invaded Earth with unexplained abilities—only to face the deadliest threat the world has ever seen: the Shriekers! 
But Amelia has the power to save humanity from extinction.
And she’s not alone.
Comic book review - Overpowered Issue #1
An incredibly fun and outrageous take on the fantasy genre, Overpowered #1 is a YA tale of Dungeons and Dragons stylised misadventures that looks and feels like it belongs in the Adventure Time universe. 
Comic book review - Tights Issue 3
In Tights Issue #3 Chris Waigand carries forward the story at the same relentless pace that set it up with in the first issues. He also introduces new characters and plot lines with a sure hand, which is a delight.
Will Robson's Spooktacular picks on Comix
We requested the amazing Will Robson, Artist for Marvel, DC, Image and creator of the ONLY ongoing zombie anthology comic, OUTBREAKS! to come and pick his
top scary comics on our platform.
Comic book review - Exodus - Z
The Zombies in this incredibly ironical, gory and funny take just can't have enough of the living, the dead and the beyond! Exodus -Z is funny and a bloody good time no pun intended.